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Instant Snow

Instant snow is also called artificial snow, fake snow, magic snow, expending snow, fluffy snow.



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Instant snow is also called artificial snow, fake snow, magic snow, expending snow, fluffy snow. It is a special super absorbent polymer, which can absorb hundreds of times of water, then it looks just like real snow, touch cold and dry! The special polymer is UV sensitive and biodegradable, non-toxic and sale for the environment, safe for children.

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Artificial snow-Instant snow

1.Instant Snow is non-toxic and completely safe, including for children and animals. It is completely harmless to the environment and plants, if you do decide to use it on the street.
2.Instant Snow can last for long time. A few days later, your instant snow will gradually drying out and in the end returns to its original shape.
3.Instant Snow can be used for several times. when the moisture completely evaporate from the instant snow, you can collect it and use it again as many times as you want.
4.Instant Snow is cold, just like the real snow. Instant snow always remains cool through the process of evaporation.

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White Powder





Water retaining capacity   y(m/m)


Absorption Speeds


Absorption Rate of saline water0.9%ml


water retention capacity


Specific gravity (g/ml)


Moisture content (H2O)%


Residual monomersppm


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Application Scene

•Used for Decoration: Christmas tree decoration, Greenery decoration, Flower decoration, Window decoration, Toy decoration, Indoor decoration etc.
•Used for holiday celebrating: Weddings, kids birthdays, winter snow parties.
•Used for other special efforts: Hollywood movies, Media advertising, Theater & shows events, Snow hobbies & sports.


Application Method

Just add water. The ratio of water to artificial snow powder is 1:25-30. 

Pour the material into a can, pour it into water, and you can have pure snow in a moment, and you can get a lot of snow in a small bag. After the water is dried, it is collected and can be used again after the next pouring.


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