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Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate is a new type of functional polymer material and an important chemical product.



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Sodium polyacrylate is a new type of functional polymer material and an important chemical product. 

The solid product is white (or light yellow) block or powder, and the liquid product is a colorless (or light yellow) viscous liquid. 

Dissolved in cold water, warm water, glycerin, propylene glycol and other media, stable to temperature changes, has the effect of fixing metal ions, can prevent the negative effects of metal ions on products, is a surfactant with a variety of special properties.

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1 The molecular weight is large, and it is an electrolyte, and the aqueous solution exhibits a high viscosity. The viscosity is about 15-20 times that of CMC and sodium alginate.

2 According to the different concentrations of the solution and changing the pH with acetic acid, etc., the viscosity of the aqueous solution can be adjusted.

3 Thermal stability is strong, almost no decomposition at 200 ℃.

4 The aqueous solution combines with divalent metal ions such as iron, calcium and magnesium to form a water-insoluble gel, but the solution is still a solution when the amount of divalent metal ions is small, so it can be used as a washing auxiliary detergent , play a role in preventing the deposition of dirt. When PH = 4.0 or less, precipitation may occur. As the relative molecular mass increases, Sodium polyacrylate from colorless dilute solution to transparent elastic colloid and even solid..

5 When used in combination with other thickeners such as guar gum, the viscosity of the aqueous solution will increase greatly. Therefore, an aqueous solution of the same viscosity can be obtained with a relatively small amount of addition.

6 This product is a uniform distribution of the oil and fat components in the raw material powder to maintain its stability.

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No. Item Technology index  Test results
1 SIZE(mesh) 80-100 80-100
3 Appearance White powder White powder
4 Molecular Weight(M) 20 20
5 solids content(wt%) ≥88% 90.1
6 PH(1:10) 7/10 7.5 
7 Acrylic monomer content  ≤1% 0.24 
8 loss on drying(%) ≤10 7.6
9 Residue sulfate(SO4) ≤0.5%
10 Burning residua,% ≤76
11 arsenic(As) ≤0.0004%
12 Heavy metal(Pb) ≤0.002%

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Sodium polyacrylate is widely used in chemical, paper, textile, foundry, light industry, petroleum exploitation, water treatment, medicine, agriculture and other fields.

1This product is an anti-caking agent for chemical fertilizers (especially ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate), which can keep these moisture-absorbing and agglomerating materials loose, and prolong product quality and service life.

2 As a dispersing agent of pigment, the interaction between the product and the pigment particles can be realized to achieve the dispersion of the pigment, and the uniformity of the paint can be ensured.

3 As a builder in synthetic detergents, this product has the function of dispersing dirt agglomerates and calcium soap soils, sequestering the properties of multivalent particles, and has a strong adsorption force for dirt particles. 

4 The scale inhibitor and dispersing agent for cooling circulating water can effectively prevent calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate scale. This product can chelate calcium ions and increase the saturation concentration of calcium ions several times. 

5 This product has a good dispersion effect in high-grade cement, ceramics and paper-making auxiliaries. In the ceramic mud, the dispersing ability of the mud can be obviously improved, the viscosity of the mud is reduced, and the effect is obviously higher than the dispersing agent commonly found on the market; adding to the cement can improve the strength of the concrete, and the product has become a property for improving the performance of the cement. 


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