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Water Beads Gel

High smart crystal soil is a novelty hi-tech products, it is water absorbent polymer, which is able to absorb and hold 200 times of water for a long time, to release water gradually to supply the planting requirement.



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The water-absorbent ball is a high-molecular polymer formed by cross-linking with a strongly hydrophilic group material, and is a novel material having the functions of water absorption and water retention and adsorption of essence. The product becomes a crystal clear crystal material after absorbing water. It is widely used in plant handicrafts and interior decoration; it can also be used to make fresheners of various colors and various odors.

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1. Crystal soil is a new type of green environmental material. 

 2. It's non-toxic, odorless and clear.

 3. It can absorb water up to 50 - 100 times of its original weight, and after expansion it looks very colorful and brilliant.   

 4. Used for indoor plants to make your home and office more unique and beautiful.

 5.Ten colors available: red, pink, blue, yellow, purple, orange, green, light green, light blue, transparent.

 6.Three shapes available: cubic shape, granule shape, pearl shape. 

 7.Non-toxicology,odorless and eco-friendly.  

 8.Multicolor, transparent and brilliant.  


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Name water absorbent beads
Model granular of 1.5-3.5 mm
COLOR colorful
Application water absorbing for plants
Certification MSDS
Material SAP



PH Value


Water-keeping Ratio


Water Content Ratio


water beads

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Application 1: 

Cultivation without soil

It is widely used in indoor plant cultivation, colorful crystal beads for the indoor environment plays a good decorative role, and it can decorate the daffodil pool, flower arrangement, crystal candlestick and the desk of urbanite, daily home afforest.

photobank (9)

photobank (8)Application 2:

Aromatic material

Crystal beads can absorb spices, maintain fragrance, and can be used repeatedly, widely used in solid air freshener, aromatic deodorant.

Application Method

The water-soluble essence is added to water in a certain proportion, followed by water absorption beads. 

After the beads completely absorb the essence liquid, pour it out, drain it and put it into a container for sealing.

According to the different requirement, can use commonly one to two months.

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